Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A Family of Limericks


On the day I sorted my closet
It was so hard for me to admit it
But waist hugger undies
Which blow in the breeze
Are not much of a speed dating gambit

On the day my son got a red mark
Slashed across a piece of his homework
Sloppy and bereft
It said on the left
Don’t treat your school as a fun lark

On the day the overdraft went red
Mummy refused to leave her bed
Give me a wine
Its alcohol time
And pass the Trademe account instead

On the day Dad’s team lost the rugby
His face went frowny and ugly
Just kick it inside
They run like the blind
He was no longer cuddly or snuggly

On the day the dog was put down
The nurses face has lipstick like a clown
He's better off dead
Not right in the head
You can buy another one downtown

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