Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Queen Nor'wester

Queen Nor’wester

She starts small
Tousling the hair of rugby children on a Thursday afternoon
Flinging washing onto the drive, pegs strewn like grass clippings
Bustling leaves off mazes of autumn vines
Kissing ponds into lipsticked white horses

In the evening she shows her teeth
Whipping through macrocarpa hedges
Her tail lashing trampolines to death
Her hot breath dehydrating pasture to stone and dust
She dances in stilettos on the corrugated iron roof

Come twilight she inhales
Ready for the big one
Now she opens her mouth and roars
Shaking sheds from their foundations
Pulling gates out of the farmer’s hand
Yanking trees by their roots to play pick up sticks
Her sharp fangs bite through powerlines

She is the firestarter
Supreme Ruler of the plains

Queen of the Northwest

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

ANZAC Day 2016

The Poppy – Anzac Day 2016
If I were a poppy, tall, red and proud,
Plucked from a small tuft of land,
I would wish
To be the one,
To grace the distant shores
Where men and women  gather,
In memorial and celebration,
Of those small moments
Which made the difference,
By laying that one poppy
It’s black, keen eye open towards the morning sunshine,
In remembrance.