Tuesday, November 19, 2019



Be my Sunday morning
Awaken to the joy
Of hot chocolate and croissants
In a crumpled bed

Be my Sunday morning
A quiet easy stroll
Along the streets of adulthood
Under green plane trees

Be my Sunday morning
With the afternoon ahead
Nothing to do but read a book
Our cat upon my knee

Be my Sunday evening
As tiredness eats away
And thoughts of work on Monday
Prey on a worried mind

Be my week of work
My busy fragile life
The demands of city living
Of never catching up

Be my quiet midnight
When only you and I
Whisper endless secrets
Beneath a warm duvet

Be mine in the quiet night
Holding wrinkled hands
Until the days are done, dear
Until our one last breath

Be with me in their sorrow
Let them cry over us
And know it is forever
As we turn into dust

Saturday, March 16, 2019

In the silence after

In the silence after
In the silence after
I hugged my own child
Knowing there are mothers who will
Never hug their child again
In the silence after
I raged in my heart
Knowing hearts have stopped
Never to beat again
In the silence after
I wept for myself
Knowing the innocence of children broken
A city in despair and unbelief
In the silence after
I questioned my God
Knowing he may not answer
Just yet
In the silence after
The flowers still bloomed
Tussocked islands waved at cars
When they passed
In the silence after
Strangers hugged on the street
Hi-viz and hijab
Knowing there are still
Arms to reach out
Hearts to beat on
In the silence after