Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Sweet Apple Tree

In the Spring the bark bursts
Unfurling crumpled white handkerchiefs
Which look longingly to the sun
Awaiting the eager bees
The dewdrop mirror
The satin soft caress of the breeze

In the Summer she shows
Her best side to the sky
With a sigh her duty toils
Producing a perfect sweet
Blush skinned apple

In the Autumn she has given
Up her leaves to rot and curl
To gnawing caterpillar teeth
Drooped low to the dank aging
Disspated grass

In the Winter she waits
Hidden inside a frosty sheath
Pooling her resources
Preparing her smile behind the snow
To Spring foward afresh

The Fairer Sex

Votes for women? don't make me laugh
Go make dinner, run me a bath
Take out the wash
Here, clean my shoes
This country's for me
It's over your pretty little head

I'll pay your bills wisely
Invest or be miserly
You've got it made gal
Don't kick up a fuss
Politics is for clever clogs
It's over your pretty little head

You can nurse or teach littlies
While we win all your wars
Look after the house
But this country is ours
All out of your reach
It's over your pretty little head

Vote's for women? get real
What do you mean you're going out
You've no business there
Change the world you say?
Don't make me laugh
I'ts over your pretty little head

And then she went out
And all was quiet
The whispers of skirts
Adorned the halls of power
Don't me make me laugh
She said in her head

I can do anything!